Our Philosophy

“A Learning Journey” 

“The Schools of Reggio Emilia do not provide a model but rather an inspiration, a challenge and provocation to reflect on our own philosophies,theories and practice.”

Our innovative and exciting learning journeys, influenced by the Reggio Emilia experience, will encourage your child to discover themselves by exploring nature, materials and friendships. They will be stimulated to encounter the world around them by asking questions and using their hands, minds and emotions.  Creativity and self expression are always encouraged.

The approach to education is committed to the creation of conditions for learning that will enhance and facilitate children’s construction of “their own power of thinking”. Concepts, ideas and interest come from the children which are developed and studied through projects and collaborative work. We are committed to;


National Framework

At Bulleen Pre-School we have embraced the National Early Years Learning Framework which describes childhood as a time of Belonging, Being and Becoming.  Learning journeys are prepared for individual children and the whole group incorporating the Five Learning Outcomes stated in the framework.

Play Based Learning Journeys

Play is children’s way of learning about the world around them.  At Bulleen Pre-school we provide open ended experiences that provide opportunities for growth in all areas of development.  We believe it is an essential component of the early childhood years. Staff are close by listening to children interests and play ready to scaffold children’s learning and support interactions.

Outdoor Environment

The natural outdoor environment represents a vital and unique opportunity for learning.  It supports physical and mental development and cultivates positive connections with nature. We encourage children to show a growing appreciation for the environment and develop knowledge with regard to sustainability.

Embracing Diversity

We embrace diversity and respect the backgrounds and cultures of all families encouraging children to develop strong foundations in both the culture and language of their family and the broader community.  Children and families are encouraged to share their culture with the Pre-School community and practice inclusive ways of achieving co-existence. Our kindergarten supports an inclusive program and promotes inclusion of all children with developmental and social needs through respect and acceptance of individual differences.


We encourage children to take responsibility for their own health and physical well being.  Bulleen Pre-School is a “Kids-Go For Your Life” centre promoting healthy eating and active play.  We are also a “Sunsmart” Pre-School encouraging a healthy balanced approach to sun protection.

Professional Development

We believe that it is as important for Educators to be learning and developing as it is for the children attending our centre.  Educators are encouraged to attend professional development to further their knowledge and skills on a regular basis. Committee and educators work as a team and are committed to a continuous cycle of reflection and improvement.  Critical reflection and staff meetings are incorporated into the weekly roster encouraging all educators to share their knowledge and contribute to development of the children’s learning journeys.

Community Involvement

Families are encouraged to take an active role in their child’s education at Bulleen Pre-School.  We aim to develop a sense of belonging for the whole family by organizing family involvement that includes opportunities to socialize, provide input about policies; practice and philosophy and share skills and cultural experiences for the children. We encourage families to provide feedback about their child’s learning journey and take an active part in creating stimulating and sustainable environments for their children.

“Young children are not seen as empty vessels, waiting to be filled. Children are seen as competent, capable, strong and amazing individuals.” 


Children are encouraged to express themselves in a variety of ways, referred by the Reggio educators as the Hundred Languages. These many languages include the spoken word, drawing, painting, sculpture, music, drama, puppetry and movement.