Rear garden  refurbishment



Bulleen Pre-School is very excited about the refurbishment to the rear playground which took place over the September 2016 holidays!

back yard 5



The refurbishment included construction of a fairy garden under the mulberry tree, a dry creek bed,  planting of trees, a new outdoor mud kitchen and cooking area, a timber bench seat positioned in front of the puppet theatre and a shade sail over the amphitheatre.


h  r



The children are really enjoying exploring their new stimulating environment and are relishing the endless learning opportunities that it brings…. 

New ipads

The children have been busy creating and exploring with the 2 new ipads purchased in August 2016.

ipadsThe children Identify use of technologies in everyday life, use real or imaginary technologies as props in their play, use information and communication technologies to access images and  information, explore diverse perspectives to make sense of their world and use information and communication technologies as tools for designing, drawing, editing, reflecting and composing.

 Book corner – new book shelf and settee

Bulleen Preschool’s cosy book corner was updated July 2016 with a gorgeous new hardwood bookshelf and comfortable hardwood settee.






Since June 2016, the children have been examining the world of small with the Preschool’s 2 new microscopes!

There are unlimited opportunities for discovery of the natural world in the kindergarden’s front and back yard natural settings.


Outdoor amphitheatre

IMG_6917 In March 2015, an exciting new development involved the building of an outdoor amphitheatre. We believe this project will provide a vital and unique outdoor environment for learning. It will support physical and mental development and cultivate positive connections with nature for all the children.



The children and educators have been  really enjoying the new play space and have created many concerts and performances on our new stage.



Mud kitchen

Thanks to George Sprekos (3YO Koala Group) for building our new mud kitchen.

mud kitchen

mud kitchen 3