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** MAY 2018 Highlights**

Loose Parts: Robot Design

Loose parts play is a type of play that supports invention, divergent thinking, problem solving and offers a sense of wonder to children. They are materials that can be moved, carried, combined, redesigned, lined up, and taken apart and put back together in multiple ways. They are materials with no specific set of directions that can be used alone or combined with other materials.

10-05-18 A

10-05-18 B

Outcome  4

  • manipulate resources to investigate, take apart, assemble, invent and construct
  • use play to investigate, project and explore new idea

 ** FEBRUARY 2018 Highlights**

Taking Care of Our Earth

February 27

At our morning meeting we watched the video Earth Day: The Environment and our Planet, which lead to a discussion about different ways we can take care of the Earth.

The children demonstrated an awareness of the concept Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and showed appreciation and care for the environment.

Our “sustainable garden” play space extended the children’s learning about the many ways we can conserve the Earth’s precious resources.


** DECEMBER 2016 Highlights**

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ story has been very popular with the Koala group this year. The children have worked very hard in making props and costumes for their end of year concert and movie to be presented to their families and friends.





Bulleen Kinder DISCO PARTY!



Bulleen Pre-School children and their families boogied the night away at the end of year disco party! There was an awesome DJ playing the children’s (and adults!) song requests and delicious sausage sizzle was enjoyed by all.

Metropolitan Fire Brigade Excursion  


The children will be engaged in a fire safety program which includes demonstrations of various fire equipment including the “Jaws of Life”, a presentation on basic fire safety and the chance to meet fire-fighters and see fire engines up close.

** NOVEMBER 2016 Highlights**

Our “Bulleen School” is OPEN…

Bulleen Pre-School’s very own ‘classroom’ allows the children to practice being student and teacher in a realistic classroom setting.  The children have taken on roles of  numeracy and literacy users in their play, have begun to understand key numeracy and literacy concepts and processes such as the sounds of language, letter – sound relationships, concepts of print and the ways that texts are structured. They explore texts from a range of different perspectives and have begun to analyse their meanings.  They actively use, engage with and share their enjoyment of language and texts in a range of ways.

school 3

L&N 2

Jumping Challenge!

The children had an opportunity to immerse themselves in activities designed to demonstrate their spatial awareness, allowing them to orient themselves and to move around and throughout their environments confidently and safely.

 jump 2jump 1

 ** OCTOBER 2016 Highlights**

MCG Excursion (Possum Group)

The children enjoyed a tour of the MCG, learning its history, enjoying the spectacular view from its highest point and visiting the Hall of fame.



Wednesday 19th October 2016 –  Monty Prior Incursion (PossumGroup)

** SEPTEMBER 2016 Highlights ** 

 Fancy Dress Break Up Party!

fancy dress

The children were invited to come dressed as a pirate, fairy, footy player, super hero, rubbish collector, wrestler, dinosaur, fire fighter, police officer, a favourite book character or anything else they fancy!



Bulleen Library Incursion 

A very special  guest from the local library regularly visits the preschool to read the children some funny books, sings some entertaining songs and introduces the children to her puppets.


** AUGUST 2016 Highlights **

Exploration of the Dark!

The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring with the light, the dark, coloured lights, torches and glow paints…

glow paint

glow paint

glow paintpainting


Shadow Puppets…

Their exploration of the light and dark continued with the making of shadow puppets. The children express wonder and interest in their environment, are curious and enthusiastic participants in their learning and use play to investigate , imagine and explore ideas.

puppet 2

puppet 4

** JULY 2016 Highlights**

The Flying Bookworm Incursion

The wonderful stories of ‘Going on a bear hunt’, ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ and ‘The Gingerbread man’ were performed for the children. There was even an opportunity for dressing up and joining in on the performance!





New microscopes…


The children have been exploring the world of small with the Preschool’s 2 new microscopes!

There are unlimited opportunities for discovery of the natural world in the kindergarden’s front and back yard natural settings.

** JUNE 2016 Highlights**

Gould League Compost Capers Incursion – Living things, Sustainability, Waste Minimisation and Worms and Compost 

The children explored how composting works and the important role that compost critters play. An interactive play, live critters and a song help us learn about the right ingredients for a happy and hot compost bin.



Discovering our very own worm farm kept in the kindergarden’s rear yard!




** MAY 2016 Highlights**


The children expressed an interest in “tools” and “making  houses and offices” through the construction of large structures using a variety of wooden blocks. Their interest was extended using a variety of props, tool boxes, construction materials, witches hats and woodwork activities.

building 1

building 2


These learning experiences allow the children use play to investigate, imagine and explore ideas, to follow and extend their own interests with enthusiasm, energy and concentration and to initiate and contribute to play experiences emerging from their  ideas.

 Volcanos, lava and fire



Volcano and lava inspired painting and construction was a real hit with all the children!

An interactive volcano display was created and their interest and knowledge of volcanoes was further extended through the construction of volcanoes made from magic clay.


Mad About Science Kindergarten Workshop

Mad about science

Fun and interactive, quality early learning science visits to inspire and excite! Based on a developmental approach suited to pre-school children aged 3 to 5, six workstations are set-up to engage mini scientists in a variety of open-ended science activities. Science themes such as magnetism, electricity, chemistry, forces, light & colour, and mini beasts are incorporated. Interspersed with memorable shared group experiences and demonstrations – this is an action-packed hour chock-full of science learning fun.

Library Walk: Storytime at Bulleen Library


Reconciliation Week – Traditional Dreamtime Stories.

Enjoy Indigenous Dreamtime stories, songs, artefacts and craft activities with an Indigenous cultural presenter at the Bulleen Library. 
aboriginal 5


The children really enjoyed bead threading using the colours of the aboriginal flag.
The children explored the diversity of culture, heritage, background and tradition and that diversity presents opportunities for choices and new understandings.

They became aware of connections, similarities and differences between people, listen to others ideas and respect different ways of being and doing.  


aboroginal 3aboriginal 1